Offer for companies
Hard Lock Escape is a new effective tool intended for integration of every team. Interesting scripts, logical riddles and challenges enforcing „out of the box” thinking make every group face the tasks demanding full cooperation. Observing groups’ struggles, you are able to evaluate leading qualities of each participant. The time pressure and exacting puzzles let you recognize leaders who will look for some effective solutions in crisis situations.

Hard Lock Escape is an alternative for some traditional forms of recruitment tests, integration meetings or joint outing after work.

Surveillance cameras in each room allows you to observe the groups. There is some space for presentation purposes equipped with TV LED 42" at your disposal. With this solution you can summarize and evaluate the efforts of the teams immediately after the game. .

The founders of Hard Lock Escape, thanks to many years of experience gained from the event agency and large corporation, will take care of every detail of your event. We will organize catering and propose some special activities or dedicated gifts for groups. As an added value we offer tailor made puzzles - individualized, using the company's logo or attributes.

Our rooms are dedicated for groups of 4-5 people. During one-hour session, we are prepared to handle about 15 people.