What the FAQ

What is Hard Lock Escape Room?
It is real life escape type of a game. Gamers are locked inside the theme room with a special script. To get out of the room, they have to cooperate with each other, solve the riddles, look for some tips and use cleverness and logical thinking. Each group has 60 minutes to get out of the room.

Who can play the game?
Because of the nature of the game, the minimal age of gamers is 16 years old. A person below the age of eighteen is only allowed to take part in a game with a parent, a legal guardian or another adult who will take the responsibility for him. The game is not dedicated to people suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia, vascular problems, breathlessness or other diseases that can be affected by the nature of the game or causing danger to health or life.

How much does the game last?
You have 60 minutes to get out of the room.

How many people can take part in the game?
Our rooms are intended for groups of 2-5 people.

How much does the game cost?
The cost of one game depends on a day. From Monday to Thursday it is 120 zlotys, during the weekend – 150 zlotys.

Does the cost depend on the amount of participants?
It doesn’t matter if there are 2 or 5 gamers. You pay for the room.

What if I have some difficulties with solving a puzzle?
A game master keeps watching gamers all the time and gives you some useful tips when you have some problems.

Which forms of payment are acceptable?
Payment can be made in cash (zloty or euro) or by using a previously purchased voucher.

Is it possible to play the game in a language different than Polish?
Yes, it is. We offer the possibility to choose between Polish and English.

How can I make a reservation?
You can do it through our website or by direct telephone contact.

I have a reservation at 8 pm. What time should I show up?
Please come 15 minutes before the beginning. During this time we are going to explain you all the rules and introduce you into the story and atmosphere of a room.

How should I dress?
It doesn’t matter. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.