• The Soviet Government is hiding facts about the real cause of the Chernobyl disaster. You are in the room of soviet scientists stationing there where you can find all the information needed to discover the truth. Remember – the radiation in the contamination zone is still dangerous. You have only 60 minutes to get out of the room without the health damage!

    2 - 5


  • A police snitch managed to get into mafia structures. He gave a info about a planned execution of a high-ranking politician. In a hideout, where mafia keeps and tortures their kidnapped for ransom hostages, he hid some pieces of information about the planned execution. You have 60 minutes to prevent the sentence.

    2 - 4


  • The video containing the thread of terrorist attacks has appeared on the Internet. Interpol is on the trial of the terrorist who travels around the world to confuse the police. He was arrested by chance at the airport during the personal control. He doesn’t work alone. As a special unit, you have to unravel the plan of the attacks basing on fragmentary information and defuse the bomb that will explode exactly in 60 minutes.

    2 - 5



Hard lock is a real life game escape. You are locked inside a room with a particular theme and script. To get out of the room you must work together to solve a series of puzzles, demonstrate shrewd, logical thinking and look for hidden clues. The group has 60 minutes to get out of the room.


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Hard Lock is great fun and a perfect idea for gift. Voucher allows you to select an unforgettable, emotional adventure in any room and time. It's an ideal gift for any occasion - a birthday or Christmas gift for friends or an idea for evenings: bachelor or bachelorette. Make an unforgettable adventure for loved ones!

Hard Lock Escape Room


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